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Take Control of Your Debt with Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation simply involves taking out a bigger loan than the collective value of all your unsecured debts in order to clear them off and proceed to make a single payment to one creditor rather than have to deal with the hassle of interacting with multiple lenders all the time. Consolidating your debt comes with the added advantage of preventing anymore late fees being added onto the size of your debt because you can use the larger loan to clear off all accounts in arrears and then proceed to make regular and full monthly repayments with your new liability.

Debt Consolidation Loans are an ideal way for someone who is being harassed regularly by creditors and is struggling to manage making multiple repayments to different creditors to retake control of their situation and structure their debt so they only have to make one lump sum payment each month to address all their debt.

At Debt Success, we provide help and information about the best consolidation loans on the market at present and can evaluate your financial situation in order to give you an expert insight into whether the acquisition of one is beneficial for your unique set of circumstances. If you believe that it could benefit your situation, or simply have an enquiry about our services, call us today and we’ll begin aiding your cause straight away.

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One reduced monthly repayment

A debt consolidation loan can clear all your previous debts and then be repaid with a single monthly repayment, so you can move forward without being hassled by multiple creditors.

Late charges frozen

If you are in default with a number of your unsecured loans, you can consolidate them with a single larger loan and ensure that your debt doesn’t creep up from frequently charged late fees.

Flexibility and freedom

Consolidating your debt has the biggest advantage of giving you air from angry creditors who call you up consistently to pay your debt. You can instead make a single payment, and clear your debt in a convenient manner for you.

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Debt management plans are tailor made and take into consideration your monthly income and outgoings to lower your loan repayments to one affordable sum. If you are interested in a debt management plan find out more.

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Bankruptcy can be a quick solution to tackle your debt, and whilst it is not suited to everyoneit can nevertheless prevent you from spending years of your life trying to clear your debt.

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Lower interest

Depending on which loan product you choose, you could find yourself on a more competitive deal than some of the loans you have at present, which could mean you pay each month on your debt repayments.

Stress free

Consolidating the loans which you are in default in at present will ensure that all harassment and aggressive activity from past creditors will be stopped, and you can address your new debt without having to worry about your debt creeping up.

Smaller monthly repayments

One late and interest charges are taken into account, you could find that you spend far less each month paying back your debt, meaning you have extra money to pursue other aims which you desire to achieve.

Breathing Space

The greatest merit of a debt consolidation loan is that you are given the breathing space from creditors necessary to tackle your debt in a calm and calculated manner that is convenient for your circumstances.

Stop Creditors Chasing You!

    We’ll handle interaction with all of your unsecured creditors on your behalf and negotiate with them in order to try and attain the best possible revised repayment arrangement for your debt. Furthermore, our altruistic financial advisors will serve as the sole point of contact between yourself and your creditors throughout the creation, implementation and course of your chosen debt solution in order to protect you from the harassment often exhibited by aggressive creditors. Contact us today and start the process of tackling your debt problems head on today.

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Want to find the best debt solution for your individual financial circumstances? Contact us today and take control of your debt.

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Customer service

We have a staunch company policy of high quality customer service and as such will always be just a phone call away throughout the course of your debt solution if you ever require any help or advice.

Finance experts

All of our members of staff have worked in the finance industry for a number of years now and as such will analyse your financial situation and produce a number of custom solutions to your debt that reflect your circumstances the best.

Devoted aftercare

If you complete your debt solution successfully, we will retain contact with you in order to make sure that you are carrying on your upward trajectory with your money management.

Harassment Protection

Once you seek our help, we will take over all interaction with your creditor’s and work hard to ensure that they cannot harass you by letter, email or telephone anymore, so you can concentrate on tackling your debt.

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A debt consolidation loan is simply a new loan that you can take out which covers the total value of all your other unsecured creditor debts at present. Essentially, the solution is most applicable to those who have a number of creditor’s and are in arrears in at least one of their loan accounts, because the new loan can clear off all the previous debts and thus stop late charges being added to the total value of the debt. Moreover, it can make the entire process of managing debt far easier because the previous situation of having to make separate payments to different creditors each month is terminated and instead replaced with the single payment of a reduced sum each month to one creditor.
The consolidation loan can be chosen by you and as such you can shop around for the deal with the lowest rate and cheapest borrowing costs, so you pay as little as possible back. You can also choose the loan term and stretch it out for as long as possible, so you have time to recover your financial situation and put yourself in a position to clear your debt, in a stress free and collected manner that might otherwise not have been possible whilst having to address numerous creditors at once.


The consolidation loan can be chosen by you and as such you can shop around for the deal with the lowest rate and cheapest borrowing costs, so you pay as little as possible back. You can also choose the loan term and stretch it out for as long as possible, so you have time to recover your financial situation and put yourself in a position to clear your debt, in a stress free and collected manner that might otherwise not have been possible whilst having to address numerous creditors at once.

  • Allows you to extend your loan term so that you can improve your financial situation and address your debt in a calm and collected manner.
  • You can combine all creditor debts, including ones that you are in default on, into one loan by consolidating and can then enjoy interacting with one creditor, rather than being harassed by multiple parties each day.
  • You will not have to pay late fees on your new loan because you would have cleared your loan in arrears off and chosen the best loan deal for your circumstances.
  • The total sum you ultimately pay back with your consolidation loan will either be equivalent or more than the total of your existing debt, though repayment will be spaced out over a longer time.
  • A number of personal loans and larger products come at a relatively high rate, particularly if you have a poor credit history as lenders will then bump up the borrowing costs to minimise their risk.

Debt consolidation loans can be hugely beneficial to anyone who has multiple creditor debts and are in default on at least one of their repayments. If you find yourself experiencing the size of your debt spiralling up due to excessive application of late fees by creditors on your debt, or simply are tired of having to facilitate the payment of numerous parties each month, then a debt consolidation loan could be extremely helpful and could alleviate the stress you feel by simplifying your loan repayments into a single, monthly sum.

However, if you are aware that you suffer from a less than desirable credit rating, then a debt consolidation loan may be a realistic option because a lender may be apprehensive to provide you with a further liability when you have a history of late repayment. Moreover, they could decide to charge you a far higher rate than someone with a better credit rating, which could make the whole acquisition of the consolidation loan expensive and fundamentally counter-productive.
If you believe that a debt consolidation loan could help you or want an evaluation of the best deals on the market at present, then fill in our form or call us today and we’ll get back to you straight away, so you can tackle your debt straight on today.

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